New Build Scaffolding and Scaffold Access Towers in Salisbury | Benefits of Using Access Towers Over Ladders

C D Scaffold (South) Ltd is an affordable scaffolding company that provides all kinds of commercial and domestic scaffolding to customers in Salisbury. We also take on industrial, commercial and domestic scaffold projects in other parts of Wiltshire and the surrounding areas we cover of Hampshire and Dorset.

To give you a flavour of what we’re capable of, here’s a small selection of our domestic and commercial scaffolding services:

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When completing any commercial or domestic scaffolding, we’ve found that using scaffolding towers is much safer than ladders. Considering the risks involved with working at heights, scaffold access towers are more stable and can reach greater heights than conventional ladders. They’re practical installations that allow a scaffolding company like us to complete various jobs around a construction site or house securely.

Below are some more reasons that explain why scaffold towers are ideal for the work we do in and around Salisbury.


Improved Stability

To expand on why scaffold towers are safer than ladders, their design is much sturdier and allows for greater stability. From the platform at the top, you’re protected by guardrails and safety bars, so you can move freely as you work on the property while also having all your tools close by. Unlike ladders, these four-legged free-standing platforms don’t need to be moved or repositioned frequently or require assistance securing the base. This saves time for your construction workers and roofers, making it a preferred choice for all kinds of domestic and commercial scaffolding.

Dependable Design and Setup

The frame design of scaffolding towers is made to give reliable support for people working at heights, allowing for quick access from the ground and transporting all the tools and equipment needed for the job. They’re designed for easy assembly and dismantling with clear instructions typically provided by the manufacturer. In addition, most towers are equipped with wheels for ease of movement from one position to another. This user-friendly approach makes new build scaffolding, roof scaffolding and other similar projects.

Versatile Structures

As a scaffolding company that specialises in all kinds of roof scaffolding, new build scaffolding and other forms of domestic and commercial scaffolding, the biggest advantage of using scaffold access towers over ladders is how they enable you to do a wider range of tasks. For instance, they can make completing de-guttering or painting work in difficult-to-reach areas of a property feel almost effortless. This simplifies jobs that would be trickier if completed using conventional ladders, allowing workers to work more efficiently and finish quickly. While ladders may be fine for quick fixes on your Salisbury property, scaffolding towers are the recommended choice for major roofing and construction work for any of our commercial and domestic customers.

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