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C D Scaffold (South) Ltd is a professional scaffolding company that supplies all kinds of domestic and commercial scaffolding. Southampton is one of the main areas we cover, along with Salisbury, Bournemouth and Winchester.

We have extensive knowledge of our field and provide a variety of services to support our customers. These include:

  • Bespoke Scaffold Design

  • Commercial and Domestic Scaffold Projects

  • New Build Scaffolding

  • Scaffold Access Towers

  • Scaffolding Assembly and Dismantling

  • Temporary Scaffolding

When working on your roof, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to hire some form of temporary scaffolding. Choosing which roof scaffolding to use can make it much easier and safer to complete any roofing work. To help with this part of the process, we will cover some of the benefits of renting commercial or domestic scaffolding for work on your roof in Southampton.


User-Friendly Design

As a scaffolding company that provides scaffold access towers and new build scaffolding for various domestic scaffold projects, we know a lot about roof scaffolding. A key feature of any scaffolding we offer is that it’s easy to use and makes it quicker to complete complex tasks, such as roofing. The assembly and dismantling process for scaffolding is straightforward and gives you excellent access to your roof over an extended period.

Improved Safety and Security

Working at heights can be highly dangerous, so safety is central to all forms of commercial scaffolding and domestic scaffolding. When compared to ladders, renting scaffold access towers gives you greater safety and security while you complete all work on a secure platform. Workers can easily access their tools and equipment without having to hold onto a ladder while using them, allowing them to do their job effectively without risks to their safety.


For some of our commercial clients, they may also be considering using a crane or forklift for their roofing work. However, in most cases, commercial scaffolding hire is likely to be a more cost-effective choice in comparison. This can help you keep costs down and give you reliable access to your roof.

Flexible Design

With bespoke scaffold design from a scaffolding company like us, any new build scaffolding or roof scaffolding can be built to fit the specific needs of your Southampton property. While using a ladder may be more convenient for quick fixes, purpose-built scaffold access towers are more optimal for challenging tasks, such as roofing work.

Overall, renting scaffolding is much more convenient, safe and cost-effective than other access solutions. Make your upcoming roofing project easier with scaffolding hire from C D Scaffold (South) Ltd.

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